Monday, September 26, 2016

GFWC Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) Conference

The recent GFWC Middle Atlantic Region (MAR) Conference in King of Prussia, PA celebrated Women Who Can.

Among the wonderful speakers was author Ceceilia Galante.
She enthralled attendees with her story of the inspiration for her book
"The Patron Saint of Butterflies."
The book is loosely based on her experiences growing
up in a commune / cult. She was riveting. Her newest book is “The Invisibles.”

We were also wonderfully entertained by Mamie Eisenhower,
played by Ruth McIlhenny.
She spoke about when she first met Ike, through to their retirement to their home
near Gettysburg. Tidbits such as Ike going to playpoker on their wedding night and
leaving her with his mother made us laugh,
and remembering the loss her young son made us cry, and in between
we were thoroughly entertained.

She left us with a copy of her famous Fudge recipe.
GFWC President Shelia Shea informed the group about new benefits of GFWC membership;
including discounts on pet insurance, travel, hearing aids, and office supplies.
Details on the GFWC website.

We toured Valley Forge, the site of George Washington's Headquarters and troop encampment
during part of the revolutionary war. While there we also visited the Washington Memorial Chapel.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Always Think Membership!

Message from NJSFWC THIRD VICE PRESIDENT Shirley A. Holly

During this new administration, President Jean Revis would like to focus on membership. President Revis’s
theme is “Trust in the Day, Believe in the Future”. So we are going to have a friendly competition between districts;
“Believe in the Future Challenge”.
The district that has the highest overall net gain will be recognized next year at convention.
Prizes, yes there will be prizes for all of the clubs in the winning district. Remember this is overall net gain.
Member retention will be this chairman’s focus. We can recruit new members every day and night, but if we don’t retain
the current members we have, we are sunk! If your club recruits 10 new members, but loses 15, you don’t have a net
Remember that every club event is a potential membership event. Always bring club and new member
information with you to every event your club holds. Have an “elevator” speech prepared, so that regardless of where you
are, if someone asks about your club or NJSFWC, you can give them a one minute overview of your club and what it is
you do in your community.