Monday, February 2, 2015

Saving the Palisades!

There has been much talk lately because LG Electronics, a multinational corporation, wanting to build an office tower that will rise high above the trees, and for the first time, violate the unspoiled ridgeline — a view enjoyed by Americans since before the founding of our nation.

Did you know that in 1896 this beautify area was already in danger of destruction as commercial interests began blasting them away? At a meeting in Trenton in March of 1896, 300 women listened to papers on the preservation of state forests and the Palisades. In May, 1897 Board members were taken on a yacht trip up the Hudson to view the destructive activities.

Through the efforts of two State Presidents,Mrs. John Holland (then Miss Cecilia Gaines) and Mrs. B. Williamson, they persuaded then Governor Voorhees of New Jersey and Governor Roosevelt of New York to appoint commissions, with the Federation represented on the one from New Jersey.

With the continued support of the Federation, The Palisades Bill was passed by the legislature on April 4, 1900.

The Federation then raised $3,000 to build a Monument. The land is a ribbon strip 125 feet in length on the Hudson River atop the Palisades, near Alpine, with a magnificent view.

The semi-annual meeting of the Federation in 1908 was held on the site.

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