Thursday, August 28, 2014

NJSFWC Supports Boatsie's Boxes 'Operation Christmas Stockings'

Boatsie’s Boxes began, in June of 2004, when Gail (Boatsie) VanVranken's son, Patrick, currently a CMSgt in the United States Air Force, forwarded an urgent personal request, from the Deputy Director of Programs in Baghdad, asking for our help.

Since then, contacts have been made all over the Country and
the boxes, in 2014 are going to several hospitals, groups of young troops (deployed for the first time) and thanks to our very dedicated United States Airmen, Marines, Soldiers & Sailors, who are spreading the word, needed items are now reaching the Forward Lines of operation all over Afghanistan as well as Kuwait , Africa and Korea..

Boatsie spoke at the 2009 GFWC Patriotic Breakfast at the International Convention, held in Cleveland Ohio. Since that time, many GFWC Clubs have participated in the program and have been adopting and donating items to the Troops ever since.

THe NJSFWC has been participating in the Operation Christmas Stockings portion of the program, filling thousands of Christmas stockings with requested items that will be shipped to the soldiers overseas in time for Christmas.

In 2011, 1,543 Christmas stockings were filled, in addition to $3500 in cash donations for U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stockings brimming with goodies were delivered to Wheeling, WV, where Boatsie's Boxes is headquartered.

If you would like to participate this year, now is the time to purchase (or make) your stockings (use red felt or sturdy red material) and size between 13 and 19 inches.
The average value of the stocking should be $20-$25.00.

Fill the stockings with:
Food: CHristmas candy, candy canes, mints, hot chocolate mix, apple cider mix, nuts, gummy “anything”, chewing gum, dried fruit, lifesavers. You can send chocolate candy, but place them into Ziploc bags

Entertainment: DVDs, Hacky sacs, novelty balls, playing cards, puzzle books, yo-yos, pens, notepads or any items they might be able to use to unwind. DVDs are especially popular, so you better ask the youngsters in the family, what the young people today like.

Travel size toiletries: Toothbrush kit, Chap Stick, tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, deodorant (please place any liquids into Ziploc bags)

Clothing: white/black crew socks, black watch caps.

Other: prepaid phone cards (AT&T 120 minutes minimum domestic or global). The phone cards are among the most often asked for items. AA & AAA batteries.

Please add a personal greeting card to each stocking.

Close the stocking with safety pins or slipstitch to prevent items from falling out. Please include $1.00 for each stocking to help with postage.

Stockings will be collected at NJSFWC Headquarters in October. Watch for dates and times for delivery coming soon!