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Monday, February 3, 2014

Girls Career Institute founded in 1947

Girls Career Institute (GCI) formally known as Girls Citizenship Institute was first started in 1947 and held at Montclair State Teachers college with 100 school girls attending.
Since 1948, GCI has been held at Douglass College, now Douglas Residential College Campus of Rutgers University.

New Jersey was the first state to develop this type of training program for girls and the chairman was invited to speak on the project at the General Federation convention in 1949.

Delegates, who have just completed their junior year of high school are sponsored by individual clubs. THe event, held in June had attendance of over 400 in 1968. The cost was $5.25 per girl for the first session, $35.00 in 1964 and is now $200 for the 4 day program.

Clubwomen serve as 'house mothers' during the week and well known speakers from many fields are invited to speak throughout the days. Entertainment is provided and the girls get to 'live' in the dorms during their stay.

Applications have been distributed to all the NJSFWC clubs and the forms are due to the Chairman by April 10th.
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