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Thursday, December 26, 2013

NJSFWC Day of Service A Success!

The NJSFWC Day of Service Chairman Ora Kokol reported:
The generosity our members displayed throughout the State by your support of “Day of Service Day of
Sharing” was incredible!! Thank you seems like such a small expression for the caring and giving you showed by the
donations you and your Clubs gave to Family Promise and the Domestic Violence Shelters. Special thanks to all who
packed, gave, and delivered all the contributions to the Family Promise facilities, and the Domestic Violence Shelters.

The facilities were overjoyed and over whelmed by all the donations. Our members not only supplied the items
requested by each facility but a bounty of additional donations.

Are you ready for the results: Family Promise received: 1,072 household bucket/baskets, which included the
kitchen, bathroom and cleaning kits; 54 tool kits; 620 Goodnight bags, including pajamas; 532 Activity kits and 30
Emergency Kits as well as boundless of our favorite Miscellaneous which included, toiletries, school supplies, slippers,
sweatshirts, paper goods, books, etc. The total monetary value is $35,375.00.

The Domestic Violence Shelters were not neglected; they received boxes of school supplies, toiletries, and clothing,
including many pairs of pajamas, DVD’s, Welcome Home kits, and numerous activity kits. The value is $8,175.00.

The total given by our members to both facilities is $43,550.00. This truly was a wonderful “Day of Service Day of
Sharing” all because of your caring for others; you all deserve a BIG GROUP HUG