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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Promise new Special State project 2012-14

Family Promise, a nonprofit organization committed to helping low-income and homeless families achieve lasting independence is the 2012-2014 NJSFWC Special State project.
Visit their website at:

Clubs all over the state will have many opportunities over the next two years to be involved with supporting this organization with volunteering, fundraising and community service projects.

Check our website on a periodic basis to look for events that Districts and clubs are hosting to help support this worthwhile cause.

Here is your first opportunity to support this Special State project:
The GFWC Woman’s Club of the Denville Rockaway area is sponsoring a
11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
3159 Route 46 East
Parsippany, NJ 07054

an organization that helps local low income and homeless families.

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You must present a special flyer for the club to receive the donation: Please visit our blog to print a coupon:
or email for additional flyers

Monday, June 11, 2012

Linda Babeuf - 2012-2014 NJSFWC State President

Our 2012-2014 NJSFWC State President is Linda Babeuf.
Here is an excerpt from her inagural speech:


As leader of the new team this Officer has many ideas, hopes and wishes for the next two years. These are not new ideas, these are essential ones that we all need to be reminded and encouraged to continue and perhaps step it up a little.

The first “wish” is that for membership you each invite a friend or friends to a meeting. That is not a new idea but what I am asking you to do is invite them with no expectation of them becoming members, just have them come as a guest. Don’t look at every guest as your next new member. Let them see how special your club is, how much fun you have and how important the work you do is. MAKE THEM WANT TO JOIN!

A second “wish” is that we restore HONOR to being the President, an Officer or Chairman in your club or district. I don’t know when that changed but it used to be an honor to hold a leadership position in a club or district. This dinner tonight is traditionally the dinner to HONOR CLUB PRESIDENTS. Will all club Presidents stand and be recognized/honored for your service to the 2010-2012 administration. THANK YOU!

A third “wish” for this administration is to be sure all members are knowledgeable about their club and Federation’s past, the well known and the little known. You cannot plan and commit to the future if you do not know where you come from. You must be proud of the accomplishments of the organization you have decided to dedicate some or a lot of your precious time to and you cannot be proud of your past if you do not know anything about it. What we do matters. We will work to restore Pride in Membership.

A fourth “wish” for 2012-2014 is to be sure you spread the good news of what your club and NJSFWC are doing. Whether it is a blog, on Facebook, an email, your club website, articles in your town newspaper, on the phone with one of your friends, talking with acquaintances at the nail salon or book club meeting, you need to show how proud you are of your club and the work you do.


Visit our website at to read the remainder of Linda's speech.